Saturday, 4 October 2008

Glitter Flower card.

This card was made with pink glitter card, I used a Glitter girls embossing board and cut out the centre and mad a flower arrangement in the centre. i then added peel-off to finish.


Rita said...

This is such a pretty card, I love the way you have done the flowers too. Rita x

Calcraft said...

Wow, Wow Wow, I really love this one. Simply stunning.

Carol x

Beryl (bik59) said...

Another lovely card, you sure are getting the hang of this
Beryl x

JSimpson said...

I love this card, I have been trying to use some flowers on my cards recently, hope my bouquets come out as lovely as yours. Always wanted to try Glitter Girls boards but never quite sure?

Do you recommend them?

Keep crafting Twinkledoes. Julia.x.

Twinkliedoes said...

Hi Julia. I would say yes,i find the Glitter girls boards easy to use, Hint- use a tumble drier sheet, one that hs been used and just wipe it over your card, Hope that helps.Thanks for the comments.
Do xx